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Our Services


You need expertise to take stock of your environment or your IT projects, or simply to implement a new strategy. We can support you with your team in the analysis of your situation and your projects. We can position ourselves at different levels by respecting your constraints: project manager, product owner, solution architect.


Are the foundations of an application essential ? You guess the answer. beextend will help you set up a reliable and above all scalable architecture. By working together with you on your requirements, we will implement the simplest solution to minimize costs and implementation time.


Development is part of beextend's core business. We can implement a project "from scratch", or integrate a development team as support for your specific needs. Our preferred languages ​​are: C#, JavaScript / TypeScript. We pay special attention to writing simple, maintainable and testable code.


Designing and creating an efficient interface design means allowing your customers to make optimal use of a tool through graphic and ergonomic processes that reinforce interaction. For the realization of the interfaces of your projects, beextend is based on contexts of use, user profiles and different use-cases to create the interfaces that correspond to the objective of your tools.


We create web applications in a wide variety of fields. For your internal needs, or for the needs of your customers, we are able to provide you with a completly functional app. By respecting your MVP to go into production as quickly as possible. If you wish, we can help you on the definition of the MVP.


If the existing e-commerce solutions do not meet your expectations, we are here to offer you solutions based on specific developments and/or on the basis of a headless e-commerce solution. As online sales are not just about a catalog and a shopping cart, we are able to bind your shop and your CRM in order to maintain the marketing chain.


It's a bit of a catch-all word that merge a whole bunch of more or less recent notions and concepts. The cloud as we present it here offers a major evolution, particularly for accommodation and all kinds of directly usable services. Here we are freed from hardware and their maintenance (network infrastructure, physical firewall, servers, etc.). Developments are faster using APIs provided by external services. beextend helps you choose and implement the right services for your web applications.

« Use and master the best standards technologies »

Our Technologies


For the power of the V8 engine, the wide choice of deployment, performance that no longer needs to be demonstrated, and the advantage of using the same server-side and client-side language. The wide range of available packages allows you to develop just about anything you want.


For its simplicity and its speed (even if React remains a reference for its maturity and its community). With the arrival of Vue 3, the differences in concept with React are being erased. The ecosystem is reactive (soon Nuxt 3). And we had to choose one.


TypeScript has greatly facilitated large-scale app development in the JS world. As we believe that a language must be strongly typed, we no longer develop any (or almost) JS application without it.


For the utility-first concept which can be considered as an anti-pattern, but which in fact allows an efficient and rational implementation, especially when coupled with the notion of Vue component.


Whether for unit tests, integration tests, and even end-to-end (with puppeteer for example), Jasmine does the job. It makes it possible to clearly structure the multitude of tests necessary for the durability of an application.


Is it still necessary to introduce this bundler. With its wide choice of plugins, tree-shaking and its ability to generate JS bundles compatible with NodeJS or for the browser, it is difficult to imagine the development of web applications without it. But we are also keeping a close eye on new bundlers like ESBuild and Vite...


In addition to its global CDN capabilities, we like Cloudflare for its DNS functionality working as a reverse proxy. This allows us to offer a layer of security to all our applications (WAF, ZeroTrust). Its hosting possibilities coupled with workers (equivalent to AWS lambas but based on the V8 engine rather than Node), provide a simple, ultra-fast (insignificant cold start), and scalable platform for your applications.


A 100% French PaaS provider! Hosting of choice when the data must remain on French or European territory. And all this with ease of deployment (via Git). The platform offers a very correct choice of add-ons (PostGre, MongoDb, Pulsar, S3 like storage, etc ...). In addition, the support is ultra responsive.


Gitlab or Github, we had to choose one. We prefer Gitlab for its integrated CI/CD offer facilitating the deployment of your applications, and its features present in the free version (repository view, commits, ...).

About us

beextend was born in 2013 from the desire of two brothers to unite their passion for IT. Each with their skills, the first idea is to respect a vision of projects combining service, simplicity, reliability and scalability. For almost 10 years, dozens of projects have materialized this perspective.


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